Collection set Pack of six types of pomade by Reuzel Rosel


Grease Roselle In the green can Size 35 grams.

Pomade Roselle In the gray can Size 35 grams.

Pomade In the pink can Size 35 grams.

Reuzel In the white can Size 35 grams.

Pomade Roselle In a dark blue can Size 35 grams.

Reuzel jel In the blue can Size 35 grams.

Meet Rosalie's pomades in a pampering package of six different types of pomades.

For each different use of pomade, choose the one that suits you best with the help of a pomade kit of six cans with a personal size of 35 grams per can.

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What is the product?

Pomade's Reuzel Kit

Grease Roselle In the green can Is a pomade based on beeswax. It is sticky like honey, will glide into the hair easily, without the accumulation of lumps, while maintaining maximum moisture. A must in any classic haircut. The traditional pomade scent is spiced with a bit of mint and the traditional apple scent of Roselle.

Pomade Roselle In the gray can - Want a messy, dry look that stays in place all day? Or do you prefer an ultra-well-groomed look? That's how you get it. Gives you complete control, and yet its water-based formula can be washed off without any fuss when the day is over. Just the magic of a product.

Reuzel In the white can - Want to make straight and flat hair stand? Here's your answer. Will give you volume, texture and height with a dry matte look. It smells amazing and is easily washed off. Roselle's clay pomade creates a medium grip that is fun to touch, with a matte finish and perfect for styling hair for any style you want. Recommended for those with curly and stubborn hair.

Pomade In the pink can - Oil-based pomade with a strong grip and medium shine, perfect for high hairstyles and highlighting contours, works great on curly and very full hair, helps control "curls" and opposite growth directions.

Pomade Faber Reuzel In a can of dark blue - Clay for low shine and strong grip, for styling style I got up now from bed, manages to hold all hair types. The pomade creates a stable but flexible grip and a low gloss finish. Works best on short, medium to thick hair and is especially effective on medium to thicker hair types. Add to hair to create texture and increase the volume of the look for a wild look.

Reuzel jel In the blue canPomade gel for water-based hair styling, but much higher quality than the hair gel of the nineties, designed for a look with shine with shine and a strong grip.

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