Extreme bath bag set


Bathroom Bag Gift Kit for Men - Extreme Reuzel:

To choose from Out of 5 different types of cases, By pomade:

* 1 medium-sized pomade (113 g)
* 1 small pomade for travel (35 g)

In all packages:
* 1 daily shampoo for travel (100 ml)
* 1 solid perfume - (35 g)
* 1 bag of quality Rosal brand for bathing and organizing objects

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מה זה בכלל?

What is the product?

Shampoo for men - REUZEL's daily shampoo contains the powerful T4 blend. Suitable for all hair types and for regular and daily use. 100 ml travel bottle.

Pomade for travel And flights in the size of 35 grams, And medium pomade For daily use in size 113 grams.

A solid perfume for men - A rosemary solid perfume that is fun to apply on the skin, in addition the perfume emphasizes tattoos and moisturizes the skin.

Bath bag of Reuzel - Super cool bath bag to keep all the things you need for a flight or trip and also for the house.

Types of pomades to choose from:

Pomade Reuzel bThe gray can - Gives you complete control, and yet its water-based formula can be washed off without any fuss when the day is over. Just the magic of a product.

Pomade Reuzelwhite can - Creates a medium grip that is fun to touch, with a matte finish and perfect for styling the hair for any style you want. Recommended for those with curly and stubborn hair.

Pomade Faber ReuzelIn a dark blue can - Works best on short to medium hair, for a strong grip with a little shine, gives volume to the hair.

Pomade ReuzelIn the blue can, Pomade gel for water-based hair styling, designed to look with shine with shine and a strong grip.

Pomade bIn the pink can - Oil-based pomade with a strong grip and medium shine, perfect for high hairstyles and emphasizing contours.

* Option to choose color estimates until stocks run out

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Warning: Not edible! Keep away from children.

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