Matte gray pumice from REUZEL


The clay pumice for maximum grip of REUZEL creates a strong grip with a matte and perfect finish.
This formula is water-based, easily washed and will not leave residue and lumps on the hair after rinsing.

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מה זה בכלל?

What is the product?
Works great on thin or thick hair
Creates a dry and messy look
Adds volume to hair and creates a full hair look
A water-based formula that is easily washed off the hair and does not crumble
Delicate aroma of sugared rum

how to use?
Apply the product on the hair as needed starting from the top of the head and forward while massaging with repetitive movements.
At this point the hair should be styled in the desired way: it can be styled with the fingers for a messy look or combed for a classic and clean look.
* In cases of very dry hair / dry hair ends, increase the amount of material when using if necessary.

Key components:
Beeswax: Promotes and helps maintain hair moisture
Castor oil - encourages moisture retention and allows easy use

טיפים ושימוש

Expert Tip:
For maximum grip, apply the matte pomade for maximum grip on damp hair at the roots, when the hair is dry, add the pink pomade at the ends of the hair.
Without a doubt the strongest combination that will allow your hair to withstand any situation!

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Warning: Not edible! Keep away from children.

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