Contracted face foam REUZEL


REUZEL's shrinking foam soothes the skin, closes and strengthens the pores and gives softness and balance to the skin. The foam is oil-free, does not dry out and removes residues of oil and dirt from the skin without damaging the skin's moisture level.

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מה זה בכלל?

What is the product?
Suitable for all skin types.
Active ingredients of mammals help soothe delicate skin.
Refreshes the skin after shaving while sealing the pores.
Softens pores to keep skin balanced and clean.

how to use?
Spray directly from the bottle on the skin, and wipe with a towel until the skin is clean and fresh.
Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

Key components:
Natural deodorant
Mammalis Extract: A natural compress
Nettle leaf - adds shine
Rosemary extract - moisturizes
Horsetail plant extract - for strengthening hair
Aloe vera: Promotes moisture and softness of the skin

טיפים ושימוש

Expert Tip:
The formula foams and dries quickly, making it perfect for use on the heads of bald clients after a refreshing shave.

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Warning: Not edible! Keep away from children.

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