REUZEL shaving cream


REUZEL shaving cream - REUZEL is a particularly concentrated cream (enough for a long time), rich and has a particularly smooth formula that contributes to a scratch-free shave, and smooth skin after shaving.

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מה זה בכלל?

What is the product?
Provides the closest and most pleasant shave
Reduces cuts, scratches, itching and irritation of the skin
Leaves skin smooth and supple

how to use?
Rinse skin thoroughly with the warmest water you can tolerate for about 30 seconds
Apply a gentle layer of the cream on the face, shave and rinse the knife.
If possible, it is possible to shave against the direction of the hair for a closer shave that will last longer.

Key components:
Mammalis Extract: A natural compress
Nettle leaf - adds shine
Rosemary extract - moisturizes
Horsetail plant extract - for strengthening hair
Sorbitol: Excellent shrinkage
Aloe vera: Promotes moisture and softness of the skin
Quinoa: Softens the skin.

טיפים ושימוש

Expert Tip:
If you are left with the cream on your face after shaving, you can massage it into the skin to enjoy increased moisture.

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Warning: Not edible! Keep away from children.

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