REUZEL care cream


קרם הטיפוח של REUZEL מספק אחיזה קלילה ומתאים לכל סוגי השיער, במיוחד לשיער עדין ודק היכן שנדרשת הוספת מרקם לשיער.
The cream takes over the hair and at the end leaves it with a delicate low gloss finish.

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מה זה בכלל?

What is the product?
Softens and adds moisture
Gives a natural and flexible grip
Easily washed
Gives hair a fuller and thicker look
Delicate aroma of sugared rum

how to use?
Apply a small amount of the cream while massaging the hair that has been dried with a towel or hair dryer. Design as you wish.

Key components:
The square combination:
Mammalis Extract: A natural compress
Nettle leaf - adds shine
Rosemary extract - moisturizes
Horsetail plant extract - for strengthening hair
Castor oil - encourages moisture retention and is easy to use

טיפים ושימוש

Expert Tip:
The care cream can be combined with a fibrous pomade preparation to add more moisture to the hair.
The cream will help the pomade to glide more easily on the hair.

More details

Warning: Not edible! Keep away from children.

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