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שמפו הקרצוף של REUZEL מושלם לשמירה על קרקפת בריאה. הפורמולה המרעננת והעמוקה , המכילה את תערובת T4 העוצמתית, מושלמת לאלו שמשתמשים במוצרים “כבדים” על השיער וצריכים לחפוף הרבה כדי להסיר את שאריות הצטברות המוצרים מהשיער.
The perfect blend of mammals, nettle leaves, rosemary and horsetail root is ideal for all hair types and for regular and daily use.

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מה זה בכלל?

What is the product?
piling exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin
Deep cleansing
Removal of accumulation of products, oils and chlorine from the hair

how to use?
Spread the shampoo on damp hair and massage the scalp. Rinse well and complete the treatment with reuzel's daily shampoo. Can be used up to twice a week.

Key components:
Mammalis Extract: A natural compress
Nettle leaf - adds shine
Rosemary extract - moisturizes
Horsetail plant extract - for strengthening hair
Corn Starch Derivatives: Helps in the scalp peeling process

טיפים ושימוש

Expert Tip:
It can also be used as an exfoliating soap for the body.
It is recommended to apply on a piece of cloth or loofah and gently massage the whole body to keep it fresh and clean!

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Warning: Not edible! Keep away from children.

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